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No Measure. No Meaning?

Seth Godin, best sock wearer on the planet, writes that “If it cannot be measured, it does not count.” This from his fantastic book (not too 101 for those of us in marketing, either) titled THIS IS MARKETING.

I placed this over my desk.

It’s all window-dressing without proof that your actions led to some measurable — whether results are good or bad.

There’s a lot of razzle, dazzle. But it’s just confetti. Impressive, but swept away the next hour.

It’s a simple question to ask marketers: how should we measure your performance? If it isn’t with real numbers or analytics or sales, shake off the dust and move on.


There’s a whole side of marketing that is upstream — call it the heart sell, not the hard sell. It’s about shaping hearts and minds, something I studied in graduate school where you use media, messaging, and strategy to move public opinion or public behavior. Still, that too can be measured. Polls, samples, testing, qualitative and quantitative research.

The point? Just like you cannot drive to your far-away destination without knowing where you are going, where you’ve been, where you are, and what the dashboard tells you — you must have measurement within every marketing dollar and decision.